Op-Ed: The Orangeworm Attacks — Why You Should be Worried

In yet another cyberattack aimed at the healthcare industry, a hacker group named Orangeworm recently targeted healthcare orgs in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The attacks were aimed at computers that control X-rays and MRI machines, in addition to other medical devices. Yikes. The Orangeworm attacks not only highlight vulnerabilities specific to the healthcare industry, but [...]

Aeonian Endpoint Is A Comprehensive SaaS Security Tool For Your Business

Introducing a Simple, Integrated, SaaS Security Tool Focused on the Social Good At a time when ransomware attacks occur every 40 seconds, and annual damages are forecasted to hit $11.5 billion, cybercrime poses a greater threat to businesses than ever before. Addressing this issue, San Diego-based ICE Cybersecurity developed Aeonian — a new type of [...]

2018 Winter Olympic Games Cyber Attack is No Laughing Matter

It didn’t take long for the 2018 Winter Olympics to be hacked. News of the first hack broke shortly after the Opening Ceremonies were majestically unveiled for U.S. viewers the evening of Feb. 9. What’s worth contemplating for cyber experts who track such threats was that the Winter Olympic Games cyber attack had its [...]